Jewels, Cleopatra, and Kid Detectives: what more do you want?

In a book full of suspense, mystery, friendship and fun, Lexi McGill, her brother, Kevin, and Kim Ling Levine try to solve the robbery of what has been called “the find of the century.” They’re in for a big surprise! After the discovery of jewels, possibly dating back to Cleopatra herself, the Cairo Museum ships them over to the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Within twenty-four hours they have disappeared from the museum.

While their father and his new wife honeymoon across the Atlantic Ocean, Lexi and Kevin McGill have hopes of spending a restful summer with their Aunt Roz. When Lexi overhears two suspicious men in the Whispering Gallery talking about “burying the jewels”, she listens closer. She hears something about “under the grand…”, and “take care of the moles”, which are clearly the homeless people who take shelter in the abandoned station under Grand Central. After that, the only other words that she hears are “shoot”, “needle”, “park”, and what sounds like “oval disk”.

And then there’s Kim Ling, Aunt Roz’s neighbor. A blooming journalist, she immediately befriends Lexi, who is not so confident about the black Lincoln van parked across the street. Did the burglars, or whoever they are, follow her home?

Who is Benjamin Deets? Why did one of the men in in the Whispering Gallery have inky fingers? Will Lexi get the $250,000 reward? Who are the mysterious men? Where are the jewels? Well, if you want to know the answers to these questions, There’s only one way for you to find out! Read this amazing mystery by John J. Bonk.

Bonk has been a musical comedy performer, but he turned to writing and now describes himself as “performing on the page.” His other books include Dustin Grubbs: One-Man Show, and the sequel, Dustin Grubbs: Take Two.

Madhattan Mystery is a great book with a funky twist at the end, and another funky twist at the very end!

Emmet Ebels Duggan just started the 4th grade in Evanston, Illinois. When not playing baseball, he likes to spend his time solving algebra equations and reading.

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One response to “Jewels, Cleopatra, and Kid Detectives: what more do you want?

  1. What a thoughtful and well written review that makes me want to read it. Plud, who can resist a story about a girl named Lexi and her younger sibling? Not me! I have requested this from the White Plains Library and will pick it up this weekend. Thanks, Emmet, keep reviewing your favoritebooks! XOXO

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